The Gospels. 

Many people try to discern by putting in a lot of time, study, and research. All these are fine, but the strongest tool in discernment is prayer, and the most helpful resource is the Gospels. 

We suggest that you spend 15 minutes a day reading the Gospels and meditating on what you've read. Ask God, "What message do You have for me today?" 

An excellent way to do this is to use a time-teste compilation called Christ in the Gospel.  Read the passage marked for that day. Then turn to the back of the book and answer the questions.  You can look back at the passage for the answers!


Spend a few minutes praying about what you've read. Then ask God, "What message do You have for me today?"

If you do this consistently, three things will happen:


1. You will have read the entire life of Christ in six months.

2. You will come to know Jesus in a deeper way.

3. You will have more direction in your life at the end of six months than you have now.

Once you finish the book, just keep reading. Many people read this book daily year after year. 

Below you will find a discernment topic for more consideration.

Christmas Star
Discernment Topic

This page is a discernment think tank, with reflections changed periodically. Check back from time to time!

Current Topic: Patience

First, study the photo.

What do you see? What season is it? How  can you tell?

Would you say that the plants are fully mature? Why or why not?

What does the star bring to mind? The lights?

What does the weather outdoors seem like?

Why might this be a good image to illustrate patience?



Do you find patience an easy virtue to exercise? Why or why not?

What does Advent teach us about patience?

Imagine Mary and Joseph awaiting the birth of Christ. Pregnancy lasts nine months in human beings. What lessons might God be teaching the parents during this lengthy time? How might patience be one of those virtues?

What sort of patience is God asking of you now? 

Do you cover your time of waiting with prayer? How can you add more prayer or deeper prayer to this time?

Why might God be taking so long to answer? Pray and then write down several possibilities. One of these might be the reason you are waiting. Or there may be another reason  you've not thought of. How can you accept God's time table?


How can you prepare for the goal of your waiting?


Can you truthfully say, ''Whatever You want, Lord; whatever You want, Lord; however You want, Lord." How can you make this your prayer. 

Pray daily, "Lord, give me patience as you gave it to the Holy Family. Amen."

Feel free to share your reflections with Guadalupe House if you wish. Just contact us via email or phone. God bless you!