Men Volunteering

This page is a discernment think tank, with reflections changed periodically. Check back from time to time!

Today's topic: Planting

What are the men in the above photo doing? They look like they are planting or weeding. Maybe both.  

Let's study the photo.

Where are these men? What might they be doing?


Do the men look stressed? Do they look happy? Why might they have these emotions? 

What support might each man expect from the other?

Why is one man holding two bottles of water? What might that water be used for? Do you think he is sharing?

Why might both men be wearing the same color shirt?

What chances do you take when planting? 

What do you have to do to ensure that your plant will flourish?


Apply the answers to your questions to your discernment journey:

How does the above photo apply to living and working at Guadalupe House?

How might the other men at the house support you in your journey?

Might you be the soil in this image? Might God be planting something in you? What might that be? Is it a seed that needs maturing? Is it a plant that you don't recognize yet? How can you nourish and tend that seedling or sprout within your spirit?

Do you recognize any spiritual weeds that need uprooting in your life? How might you do that?

Jesus said that He was the living water. How does He nourish you? Do you go to Him when you are spiritually thirsty? Do you go to Him daily?

How are you like other discerning men? How might you be different? What gifts can you bring to community living?

Feel free to share your reflections with Guadalupe House if you wish. Just contact us via email or phone. God bless you!