Tag a 2 x 4

Play a role in blessing Guadalupe House!

Guadalupe House is under reconstruction to repair extensive damage from the bursting of a frozen water pipe in the second floor bathroom. The damage occurred in the winter of 2019 when the house was vacant. Water flooded the second floor and seeped through floors and ceilings to the first floor, flooding that area as well. The flood of water stopped only when the water department received notice of immerse water usage for a vacant house. Upon investigation, the leak was discovered and the water turned off. The non profit organization that owned the house cleaned up the damage and then deeded the house to the Confraternity of Penitents for $10,000 which was the cost of the cleanup. It will take a great deal of more money than that to repair the damage.

We are undertaking this project in the spirit of Saint Francis, who rebuilt the church of San Damiano by begging stones in Assisi. "One stone for one blessing!," he called as he begged. "Two stones for two blessings!"  


Please help us bless this house by tagging a 2 x 4! Two inch x four inch beams are currently going for $10.52 for a 10 footer and $16.92 for a 16 footer. The contractor who is doing the framing tells us that this initial stage of the project will cost between $10,000 and $12,000.


We aren't asking for your dollars! However, if you wish to donate toward a 2 x 4, we will accept your donation with much gratitude. 


But we aren't asking for money. We're asking for your blessings and your prayers.


Do you have a memorable Bible verse?

We will mark this verse in the house Bible and we will also pen this verse on a 2 x 4.


Do you have a special, brief prayer request?

We will record your intention in the house Bible and we will also write it on a 2 x 4.


Do you want to thank God?

We will record your thanksgiving in the house Bible and also write it on a 2 x 4.


The 2 x 4's will eventually be covered with sheet rock, but the house Bible will record your Bible verses, intentions, and prayers. And so will the galleries below.  Can you help us fill the house with blessings? Email them to the GuadalupeHouseFW@gmail.com Then watch the galleries to see them appear below.


May God bless YOU!