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Current Discernment Topic

This page is a discernment think tank, with reflections changed periodically. Check back from time to time!

Paper Cut Heart
Current Topic: Love

First, study the photo.

What do you see? Is there anything unusual about this?

Does this photo evoke any feelings? What might they be? Why does it make you feel this way?

How does this image work with the "Love" concept? 



Scripture tells us that "God is Love." What does that mean? What does love mean to you? What does it mean to the world? How is the concept of pure, self-giving love different from a love that takes rather than gives?

Think of Jesus and how He showed love. List at least five instances from the Gospels where the love of Jesus is apparent. 

What was Jesus' greatest act of love? What does this show us about how we are to love?

Are  you ready for this deep sort of love? Do you want to be ready? What might happen if you say "yes" to this sort of love?

Pray: God, help me to love you more. Help me to become "love" in my interactions with others. Show me what love means when it's your definition of love. Give me the courage to act as you would have me do. Amen.

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