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Prayer List

Join us in praying daily for these intentions!

Email prayer intentions to and write "Prayer Request" in the subject line. For urgent prayer request (someone is dying), please mark "URGENT prayer request" in the subject line.

(Note: If you would like to receive via email urgent prayer requests for people in danger of death, please email us at and put “Please sign me up to Urgent Prayer Request Mailing List” in the subject line. May God reward you for your prayers.)

Confraternity of Penitents Prayer List – 2.17.23


Unless there is a Good Friday in your life, there will be no Easter Sunday. –Ven. Fulton Sheen


On-going Intentions:

  • The Pope also asks us to spend five minutes in prayer for those in power.

  • Prayer for America one Minute Every Night If you would like to participate, every evening at 9:00PM EST (6:00 Pacific), stop whatever you are doing and spend one minute praying for the safety of the United States, our troops, our citizens, and for peace in the world, for religious freedom, end to cancel culture, end to bullying.

  • Special prayers are requested for God’s abundant blessings on the Archdiocese for Military Services, for our troops, for all the families left behind, for our President, for all heads of state and government officials in those countries involved in war.

  • Please pray for our Holy Father, Pope Francis, for his health and protection.

  • Please pray for the Church and for peace in the world.

  • Please pray for priests undergoing religious attack, and for vocations to the priesthood, religious life, and the Confraternity of Penitents.

  • Please pray for the hundreds of thousands of refugees – that they find a place to live in peace.

  • Please pray to end terrorism, genocide, war, abuse, neglect, hatred, human trafficking.

  • Please pray for all to have their hearts open to Jesus, for a return to Christian values and morals

  • That abortion be universally recognized as the unjust taking of an innocent, helpless human life.

  • That society support women in pregnancy crisis so that giving birth is seen as do-able and right.

  • That induced abortion become recognized as a terrible violation of human rights for the unborn.

  • For National Day of Prayer weekly intentions for US Government and officials.

  • For all those referred to the Confraternity of Penitents through the Vocation Placement Referral program, that God may lead them into the path on which He wishes them to walk.

  • For the prayer requests of the Holy Innocents Prayer Line.

  • For all those on the Precious Blood, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. Shalom Media, and Margo Snyder's Prayer Lists.

  • Please pray for Charles Opara who needs a better job. His family is in great need.

  • For the raising of $180,000 to renovate Guadalupe Men’s Vocation Discernment House. Please pray that God will bring these funds in, if He so wills. God bless you for your prayers and thanks be to God for funds raised so far.

  • All sponsored priests in Mary, Mother of Priests Chapel and all benefactors (


New Intentions

  • That Brother Alexander Chung, MIC be a very good listener and communicator

  • For Linda Kratka,-housing

  • Maria English's spiritual and temporal needs, for the salvation of Maria and her entire family for many special blessings and graces for all the people Maria prays for, especially their salvation.

  • That all Baptized Christians be powerfully graced to live holy, faithful lives of witness to Christ

  • For all of Shari Krauser's spiritual and temporal needs and spiritual growth

  • Repose of the soul of Deacon John Hugh Mackenzie and the soul of Jack Jones.

  • For conversion of Alexis Golkin

  • Paul Lushin, personal intentions, to find the path in his retirement, to be fully God’s

  • Fr. Mike Batchko (ill and frail) and for his caretaker Margo Howard

  • "For of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary and to the Sacred Heart of Saint Joseph".   

  • For Fr. Frank Yacobi

  • Kim, dying and Diane Burch, aggressive cancer that can’t be treated. Not doing well.

  • Josefino Aguirre—ordination to the diaconate

  • Bridget Opara, arthritis—son Charles had to go to remote African village to be with her and help

  • My husband Terry – pain in both shoulders, legs. Getting difficult to walk

  • For Pope Benedict and Cardinal Pell to pray for our Church.

  • Shawn, undergoing tests for cancer.

  • Mary, complications from cancer.

  • Jamie, pregnancy complications.

  • Please pray for Ron, he is very ill and can’t find the source.

  • Ann who is going to have breast cancer surgery.

  • Katie, recovery from breast cancer

  • Pray for Molly, 26 years old, died from poisoning from unintentional fentanyl exposure, and for her traumatized mother Karen and grandmother Carol.

  • Repose of the soul of Dr. Zachary Batchko and for soul of Rick, step father of Ryan Pias.

  • For the repose of the soul of William Brent Niblock, for Dawn, Dustin, and Nathan Niblock

  • Mary Ann Gennuso, CFP, hospitalized with pneumonia

  • Sam Pizzo and Leif Gorres, in danger of death

  • For Astella Gorres, Leif’s mother, who has Parkinson’s. Leif is her caretaker and she is distraught.

  • Sandra, prayers for her health.

  • For Richard Rossi, health.

  • Please pray for Tim & Crisra to be happily together in sanctuary / love and Divine Protection.

  • For the repose of the soul of Fr. Dexter Mojares

  • For Joe Tuscan, OFS, recently widowed, and for the repose of his wife Phyllis

  • For Deanna Brennan’s son who had to have his leg amputated due to flesh eating bacteria

  •  The fast and complete recovery of Mr. Efren Tio—digestive disorders.

  • Margo Howard, emotional strength and many graces in caring for ill Fr. Mike Batchko.

  • For Matthew James Rendell, Jadon Michael, Amanda Marie , Denise mytiva  maestro

  • For Amanda who needs dentures and can’t afford them

  • Paul—serious car accident, on ventilator

  • For Fr. Rob—fell down stairs. Injured.

  • For Michael Dunn and family.

  • Any Koehl,, torn knee ligament

  • Adrian—miscarriage

  • Repose of the soul of Anita Smigiel

  • Elizabeth Watts, health

  • Anthony, prayer for emotional, psychological, and spiritual healing

  • Repose of the soul of Carol and Bill’s son and for our nation and world to return to God

  • Please pray for Mufide Mary R.  and for all my brothers and sister Fevziye and for healing of my brother Ali of diabetic and my brother ismail of diabetic and for my brothers Tahsin, Faruk, Serif, Irfan and all dear ones for God's will. 

  • All victims and their families, from the earthquakes in the Middle East.

  • Sandy Deatch, Diocesan hermit in the Boston area, to find affordable housing

  • For Karen – heart condition, can’t have a transplant, is dying.

  • For Lisa—healing from past hurts, relationships with family members.

Mufide Rende – physical, spiritual, psycological and financial healing. And for my brother Ali for healing of diabetees and for my brother Tahsin and all my brothers and my sister Fevziye for God’s Will be done. And for the souls of my parents Mehmet and Nedime Rende and all dear deceaseds I ought to pray for. And for Divine Wisdom and help in repairs of my old cars.

Apart from the cross, there is no other ladder by which we may get to heaven. -St. Rose of Lima

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